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Ideas for a Memorial Service

Memorial Service Ideas Barnsley

Welcome to our latest blog post 'Memorial Service Ideas'. Memorial services vary in style, tone, and content. That is the beauty of this kind of service. They can be whatever you or your loved one would like them to be.

In modern times plenty of people are preferring cremation rather than burial, consequently, more people are choosing to hold a memorial service rather than a traditional church funeral. Many people have found that a memorial service can be suited to the individual and reflect the true personality of the deceased.

There are thousands of sites that contain inspiration for memorial services. We have compiled a few of our favourite memorial service ideas below.

Our Favourite Memorial Service Ideas

Celebrate the unique life of your loved one

Memorial Service Ideas Barnsley

As we mentioned earlier the memorial service allows you to really celebrate the unique life of a loved one. Ask some of the questions below:

- Did they have a favourite sports team?

- Did they belong to an organisation or group like Labour or some kind of social club?

- What was their favourite colour, Tv programme or music band?

The answers to the questions open up endless possibilities! Could guests wear the same colour? Can a certain type of music be played? Could guests be asked to dress in a certain way?

Memory Trees are Beautiful

Relatives and friends often find great comfort in learning about the memories that others have of their loved ones.

A memory tree can be as simple as a drawing of a tree that people stick their memories too. However, we have seen beautiful and elaborate creations that must take days to build.

Celebrate the Character

Memorial Service Ideas Barnsley

One of our favourite memorial service ideas and one that works well for big personalities. Did your loved one repeat the same things time after time? Did they have inspiration quotes or snippets on the tip of their tongue?

Why not celebrate this by displaying images or quotes around your venue?

More memorial service ideas

Keepsake Order of Service

A Memorial Service handout or order of service can be a fantastic way of capturing the life of a loved one and at the same time creating a lasting keepsake for people to take home with them.

Video and Photo Tributes

A memorial video or photo presentation is a stunning way to celebrate the life of a loved one. It dosen't have to be difficult to do with Apps such as iMovie and others it can be fairly straight forward. Some of the most impactful ones we have seen are in chronological order with a music background!

Make Memories with a Open Mic

This one has to be judged carefully and may not be suitable for all services. It is important to think about the characters that will attend and any internal family politics! However, the open mic could easily be the highlight of the memorial service due to the stories and humour that often occour.

Create a Memorial Capsule

All ow guests a place to put their favourite memories, photos, or other items in a memory capsule. This can be a box or something more elaborate.

This could be buried somewhere special or even kept by the family as a keepsake.

Funeral Flowers

Memorial Service Barnsley

Funeral flowers come in all colours, types, and arrangements. Memorial service flowers can be used to celebrate the life of your loved one.

If you have more questions or would like answers to different questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the friendly team at Barnsley Municipal Funerals

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