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Alternative Transport

All our vehicles are immaculately presented at all times and are, of course, maintained to the highest possible standards. Every funeral we arrange is unique and with sufficient notice, we can provide a diverse range of alternative hearses including traditional horse-drawn carriages, motorcycle hearse and an electric eco-hearse.

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Motorbike Hearse

If your loved one was a motorbike nut, then our Motorcycle Hearse could be the right choice of funeral transport.

Horse Drawn Hearse

For those looking for a more traditional and timeless funeral our Horse Drawn hearse is the perfect choice.

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VW Camper Hearse

Perfect for the VW fanatic, our VW Hearse lends a unique, retro twist to the usual choice of funeral transport.

Lorry Hearse

Our Lorry Hearse is rugged, industrial and unique, perfect for the truckers in our lives. There are also alternative truck models available.

Morris Minor Hearse

Perfect for the Morris Minor or classic car fanatic, our Morris Minor Hearse lends a nostalgic spin to the usual choice of funeral transport.

Funeral Transport for Everyone

If you prefer to use a more traditional form of transport to reflect the life of your loved one then we have a vehicle to suit your needs. Our horse drawn hearse is elegant and timeless, whilst we also have hearses for classic car, motorbike and VW enthusiasts. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our range of alternative funeral transport.

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