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My Funeral Wishes

Planning Ahead

Family Time

Even though not everyone wants to purchase a funeral plan in advance and pay for their funeral upfront, you might still want to make some of your preferences known so that your loved ones will know what you would prefer when you pass away. You can spare your loved ones and next of kin the worry of trying to figure out what you would have liked for your funeral by making arrangements in advance.


Print out and complete our My Funeral Wishes booklet to help guide your loved ones in the arrangements for your funeral, making sure that it honours your memories and your family's wishes. The understanding that your funeral is conducted according to your wishes would provide family a great deal of comfort.


Please keep in mind that after you pass away, your funeral wishes are not enforceable. As a result, it's crucial to communicate your wishes in advance to the individuals who matter. Ensure that they are aware of your preferences and the location of this booklet.


Please contribute as much as you are able to. Your funeral is a time for your loved ones to celebrate your life and express their grief.  Please send us a copy of your wishes if you would like us to be appointed as your funeral director, we will keep them on file as well.


If you are unable to print a copy out yourself, please call us on 01226 496 111 and we will send you a copy in the post.


Should you wish to pre-pay for your funeral, we offer funeral plans. Please contact us for further information or to make an appointment. 

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