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Top 5 Funeral Ideas for Creatives

Lots of people who are planning someone else's or even their own are selecting special funeral ideas that stand out. This can be an appropriate way to honour the life of a loved one.

Top 5 Funeral Ideas

Hopefully, these unusual and thoughtful funeral ideas may inspire you to do something that truly reflects the life of your own or loved one. Have you seen ideas that do not appear on our list? Leave us a comment below.

Plan Fireworks to celebrate the life of a loved one

Top 5 Funeral Ideas

A funeral is almost always thought of as a sad occasion which is understandable, but we should try to remember that it is also a celebration of someone's life and all the memories we have.

A fireworks display could be the perfect send-off for you or your loved one and the perfect opportunity for all of the mourners to stand together.

Whilst not possible on the day of a funeral it could be worth considering that many people are now putting ashes into fireworks allowing them to be scattered in a truly unforgettable manner.

Personalised Caskets are a thing

Top 5 Funeral Ideas Barnsley

Unique and creative coffins are a fantastic way of celebrating a loved one's life and interests. This kind of casket has become extremely popular in recent years.

Do a little Googling and you will find coffin makers that specialise in a range of designs. Designs can include flowers, patterns, music-themed designs, flags, animals and even sport-related themes. We have even come across designers that will allow you to design your own!

Be creative with funeral transport

Top 5 Funeral Ideas Barnsley

Interesting funeral transport ideas have evolved in the last decade or so and could be the ideal way to demonstrate the personality and interests of you or your loved one.

The choice of transportation available is immense. Some that we have seen include campervans, horse-drawn carriages and motorcycles. A quick Google search should give you some great ideas.

Jazz up the order of service

Creative Funeral Ideas order of service

Order of service booklets is a pretty standard affair at funerals. Often these are plain and traditional. Why not go with something completely different? A photo book or magazine covering the life of a loved one or even your own. What a wonderful keepsake that would be for all attendees.

Here at Barnsley Municipal Funerals, we are able to assist with the ordering and printing of funeral stationery.

Bright and colourful funerals change the mood

colourful funerals in sheffield

It is popular for families to request that mourners wear multicoloured clothes for a funeral rather than the more traditional black and dark colours. This could relate to the loved one's favourite colour, football team or anything else that fits their personality!

If you have more questions or would like answers to different questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the friendly team at Barnsley Municipal Funerals

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