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7 Funeral Favour Ideas (with links)

Funeral favours have become a popular trend at funerals across the UK. Families have found that they are a beautiful way to celebrate loved ones.

Funerals are naturally a difficult time for people as they deal with the bereavement of a family member or loved one. As difficult as it can be it is important to remind people that a funeral is a celebration of their life.

Funeral favours and mementoes have become a way of creating smiles on the saddest of days. They allow families and friends to remember their loved ones in a way that they would have liked.

Funeral favours can be given away at funerals, memorials or wakes.

Create memories and smiles with Funeral Favours

It is completely up to you if you decide to include funeral favour for guests to take away. They don't have to be expensive and they can be as small or flamboyant as you like. As long as it represents the deceased in a way they would have liked the way it really doesn't matter.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite ideas.

Recipe cards

Funeral Favour Recipie Cards

Was the person a wonderful cook? Why not share their finest homemade recipes to the guests. That way they’ll always think of them when making the recipe! Check out these we found over at Etsy

Flower and plant seeds

Memorial plants and seeds

Many people love their gardens. Did they have a favourite flower or tree? If so there’s no better way to remember them than with a packet of seeds. Guests can plant the seeds and watch them grow. We found some great options at Wildflower Favours

Personalised Playing Cards

Funeral Favour playing cards

Playing cards are a great way to inject some fun and lift the mood of the event. Playing cards decorated with photos or images of your choice. Get your playing cards personalised at Boots

Personalised pint, wine and shot glasses

Personalised glasses for funerals

Most people enjoy a good party! Why not celebrate the life of a loved one with a toast to them in a personalised glass. Glasses can be engraved with names, quote and even images. Family and friends will remember them every time they enjoy a drink from the glass. Etsy offers a wide range of personalised glasses.

Engraved jewellery

engraved jewelrey favours

Jewellery is a beautiful way to remember someone and a custom touch can be added by including engraving the initials of the person who passed away. Guests can wear these and keep a permanent memory of their loved ones with them. The little keepsake company has some beautiful ideas.


memory scrapbook

A scrapbook or digital photo book can be the perfect way of gathering your favourite photo letters and other items in one place. We found some idea options over at

Candles and Lanterns

personalised candles for funerals

Lighting a candle can be a soothing way to help someone honour the memory of a loved one. Candles can be personalised along with the candle holder to include a quote, verse or even an image of the deceased. Get personalised candles at Yankee Candle or Etsy

We hope you have found this post on funeral favour ideas useful. Do you have any more ideas? Leave a comment below!

If you have more questions or would like answers to different questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the friendly team at Barnsley Municipal Funerals

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A thoughtful and lovely way to remember a lost loved one. These days candles or candle holders can be personalised with a message of your choice. We found a lovely selection over at The Lovely Keepsake Company

2. Memorial Charms

Charms are a beautiful gift that people will cherish. Memorial charms can be found in many different shapes and sizes. They can represent your loved one and even be personalised with a message. We found a wonderful selection here at Someone Remembered

3. Memorial Tree Seedlings

Memorial trees are an extra special way of celebrating someone's life. Not only will they last for many years, but they are also symbolic of life. Memory trees or memorial trees can be used as memory trees for funerals, for planting at home or in a location they cherished. Check out memorial trees at Trees Direct

4. Funeral Memory Book

A memory book makes a wonderful funeral favour and is the perfect book to keep precious memories alive for the family and friends of the deceased. Etsy has some wonderful options that are mostly handcrafted.

5. Memory Box

A memoy box is a perfect way of storing precious mementoes. A box like this will allow the family to keep special photographs, cards or other small but important items. Again Etsy has some beautiful handmade options at reasonable prices.

6. Personalised Bookmark

Personalised Memorial Bookmarks are a great gift of remembrance for family and friends in honour of your loved one. A photograph can be printed with their name, dates, a verse, or a personal message. Not on the Highstreet had a good range when we looked.

7. Memorial pint glass

Personalised pint glasses are a great tribute for friends and family to take away. A celebration of life and can feature a photo of your loved one and even a quote or verse. Once again Etsy had some beautiful offerings that would do the job perfectly.

We hope you enjoyed this post on funeral favour ideas. If you have any comments or further ideas please feel free to comment below.

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