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Save money on a funeral

The cost of living crisis is really starting to kick in and people are finding that their expendable funds are squeezed more than ever. In this post we are going to talk about saving money on a funeral. You may wonder why this should even be a consideration?

Often funerals are unexpected and not one of us can say what challenges we will face tomorrow. Who knows when we will be faced with finding the funds to pay for a funeral.

Compare Funeral Directors

Believe it or not, shopping around and comparing funeral directors is a fairly recent phenomonom. It is important to remember that funeral homes are businesses and businesses charge different prices for their services.

Compare all of your local funeral companies, their prices and remember to check ther reviews. Google is a great place to look at reviews but there are other places such as yell and online directories. Here at Barnsley Municipal Funerals we check our prices regually to ensure we are amongst the cheapest around.

Consider Cremation

Cremation is cheaper than a burial. According to Money Helper the estimated cost for a bespoke cremation in the UK is £3290 and the cost of a bespoke burial is £4383 (estimated prices correct at the time of writing). Barnsley Municipal Funerals offer a bespoke funeral for £1795.

Cut the costs on memorials

The average price for a memorial stone in the Uk is around £1000, but depending on the choices you make there are ways that money can be saved on this expense.

  • Choose Granite as the matierial for the headstones as these tend to be the the cheapest.

  • Avoid fancy shapes! Simple designs are the cheapest choice.

  • Photographs and other fancy designs will add additional costs additional costs on the final price.

Reduce the cost of the service

Costs can be cut when planning the service. Do you really need to have Order of Service proffesionally printed? Does the transport to the funeral need to be flamboyant? Coffin choices are important too. At Barnsley Municipal Funerals we can offer all the help and guidence you may need when making these choices.

The wake doesn't have to break the bank

A funeral wake can be held at whatever location you choose. It is not essential to pay for the hire of a venue. Popular choices are pubs and clubs but houses are acceptable too.

Remember that the food doesn't need to be a three course meal. All people are looking for is a light bite. Keep it simple and just provide the basics.

If you have more questions or would like answers to different questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the friendly team at Barnsley Municipal Funerals

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