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How to pay for a funeral In 2023

Funeral costs are something that many people worry about, whether it is leaving costs for their family to pay when they are gone or simply concerned about the rising cost of funerals, but there is a solution to this - the Funeral Plan.

What is a Funeral Plan

A funeral plan is a way of paying for your funeral and making sure that your funeral is arranged so that not only do you take the onus of paying for your funeral off the hands of your family, but you also don’t leave the hassle of planning the funeral itself either.

Funeral Plans are a way of providing for your family when you have passed on, allowing them to grieve without the burden of making all the arrangements or trying to find the money to pay for it.

When you set up a funeral plan, the money is invested in a ring-fenced trust that is held overseas and managed by a board of trustees who are independent and are all qualified to manage large funds. When you look at setting up a funeral plan, you may notice that the cost of the funeral plan is a little higher than the current prices for a funeral, this is due to the management fee for setting up the plan and covers you against any increases of costs in the near future.

Why Should you Choose a Funeral Plan?

Choosing a funeral plan is not just good for your family, it is good for Most people to have certain things that they want to include as part of their funeral, while others have a definite plan down to the finest of details. Even if you don’t fall into either of those categories, planning your funeral can help you to take control of your own mortality, especially if you have been struggling to come to terms with a terminal diagnosis.


When you choose a funeral plan, one of the first things to consider is eligibility, not every plan provider will provide a funeral plan arrangement for everyone. However, if you choose a provider like Barnsley Funerals, you'll find that no matter what your circumstances, as long as you are over 18 years old, you will be accepted.

Tailored Funerals

For those who have a desire to plan and tailor every single detail of their funeral, tailored funeral plans allow you to plan and have everything put into place before you die. You can plan the perfect party, even if you won't get to enjoy it - everything from the date and venue of the funeral to the choice of music, flower and the colour of the Order of Service sheets. Everything detail is done to your preference.

Reasons to Choose Barnsley Funerals Funeral Plans

Our funeral plans not only accept anyone over 18 and can be fully tailored to your needs and ideas, but they also come with three other bonuses'. Firstly you have the ability to transfer your funeral policy. If you need to make changes or upgrade your plan for any reason, you have the option of doing so. Not only that. If you happened to move house, you would be able to transfer your funeral plan to another funeral director in the UK.

Secondly, the money you have paid into your security plan is completely secure. Third and finally, you have the flexibility to pay off your funeral plan either in a single lump-sum payment, over the course of 12 months or over 24 months. You can also choose to pay off the loan over ten years.

Need to sort out your funeral plan, call Barnsley Funerals now to see how we can help you.-sum payment, over the course of 12 months or over 24 months interest. You can also choose to pay off the loan over ten years.

Need to sort out your funeral plan, call Barnsley Funerals now to see how we can help you.

Ensure your wishes are followed by taking a Barnsley Municipal Funeral Plan

If you have more questions or would like answers to different questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the friendly team at Barnsley Municipal Funerals

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