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Covid 19 Update: Funeral Services Barnsley

Funeral Services BArnsley

On 17 May 2021, the advice on managing funeral Services Barnsley and organising a funeral changed. You are no longer required to consider the number of people but instead the size of the venue should be considered.

The number of family and friends permitted to attend a funeral is determined by the size of the venue and how many people it can safely contain with social distancing measures in place. At Barnsley Municipal Funerals, we can advise with a fitting choice of location. Please reach out to our friendly team on 01226 496 111

The maximum number of people includes anyone who is working in the venue at the time of the funeral.

When booking your venue you should check with the manager, what the safe number of attendees is.

The changes to funeral wakes

For any religious, belief-based or commemorative events following a person’s passing, for example, stone setting ceremonies, scattering of ashes or a funeral wake, the highest number of individuals authorised to attend is 30.

This maximum limit doesn't involve anyone performing at the event but the precise number of individuals will rely upon what the venue can securely accommodate alongside workers.

Funeral wakes in Barnsley of up to 30 people can happen outdoors (including individuals gardens) or in a COVID-secure venue. Our Funeral Services Barnsley Team can help advise you around the guidance in place.

This guidance only applies in England.

Reducing the risk

There are actions everyone should consider when planning a funeral to reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19. These includes:

1. Use a face covering when visiting indoor places of worship, crematoriums and cemetery chapels (unless you're exempt for health, disability or other reasons)

2. Avoid engaging with people in spaces with inadequate ventilation or a lack of windows

3. Avoid singing, chanting and shouting when indoors, this can raise the danger of spreading coronavirus.

Actions to take when planning a funeral or wake

1. Consider only inviting close friends and family

2. Organise remote participation, particularly for those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, or self-isolating - We covered how to allow people to attend a funeral remotely in our blog Grieving during the pandemic Click here for more information

3. Ensure indoor spaces are well ventilated.

People who are self-isolating

People who have COVID-19 symptoms or are self-isolating should not visit a funeral because of the risk to other people.

Individuals who are self-isolating should only go to a funeral if it's a close loved ones like a partner, parent, sibling, child or grandparent. They should seek extra guidence first and take extra precautions. In the event of a case like this, we would always urge the people involved to consider attending remotely. People who are self-isolating cannot attend commemorative events such as wakes.

The government's official advice on this is as follows:

'If you are legally required to self-isolate, you may only break self-isolation to attend a funeral if it is of a close family member (for example, a partner, parent, sibling, child or grandparent).

You must not break your isolation to attend other commemorative events under any circumstance. This would be a legal offence and you may be fined.'

Please call our Funeral Services Barnsley Team for more info.

The clinically extremely vulnerable

Those who are clinically extremely vulnerable can attend funerals. They should take extra precautions and follow the guidance on protecting people that are clinically extremely vulnerable.

Can I travel to and from a funeral

On 17 May, guidance on visiting overnight and travelling with others changed.

Funeral attendees are now able to stay overnight in groups of 6 or 2 households.

People should still do what they can to reduce the danger when travelling to a funeral or wake by following the safer travel guidance.

Need to talk to us about our Funeral Services Barnsley? Contact us today and see how our friendly and professional services can help you through this difficult time.

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